How To Get A Roof Repair In Paris TX After A Storm

Storms are much needed in Texas because the rain helps replenish our water source and provides much-needed moisture for crops and lawns. However, a particularly violent storm could cause lots of damage, including to your home or business. If you have damage to your roof, that can cause leaks and damage that goes inside the house, not just outside of it. That is why as soon as you see something is wrong, you need to call for a roof repair in Paris TX to stop the leaking and any further damage.

We are I. C. S. Roofing, Inc, and we serve many parts of North Texas and southern Oklahoma. We have six locations to serve you, so there is always someone on hand to go out and check what is wrong and give you an estimate of what it will take to get it all fixed. If you are in Durant, Sherman, Bonham, Paris, Winnsboro, Greenville, Frisco, and Sulpher Springs or any surrounding community, we can help.

Whether you have insurance on your home or need to pay cash, we can work with you to get the repairs done as quickly as possible. We realize that your home if your sanctuary and we do not want to see it get more damaged.

In addition, we also have workers with tons of experience in commercial buildings as well. This type of roofing is different and requires different knowledge and know-how. Whether your building is older and needs more TLC than most or is new and modern, we can help get the roofing back to normal.,

ICS Roofing can also get the job done if you own a warehouse or other industrial-style building. These are large structures with special materials and our technicians can do the job quickly and efficiently so you do not have to have al long work stoppage or a weeks-long construction site at your place of work.